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1.- Hi! What's your real name and nickname?
Bullet; Blue My name's Scarlet...I really don't have a nickname.

2.- Interesting... What's your current age?
Bullet; Blue I'm 16 currently.

3.- What's your favorite food?
Bullet; Blue I don't have a favorite. I don't think I could possibly pick.

4.- And your favorite drink?
Bullet; Blue Um, well. I like Root Beer a lot.

5.- Confession time! Who's your crush/lover?
Bullet; Blue A-ah, well...I..I-it's just....y'know...Rev...

6.- Have you kissed yet?
Bullet; BlueNo, I haven't.

7.- Classic question! What's your favorite color?
Bullet; Blue I find myself really liking light blues.

8.- Who's your favorite author?
Bullet; Blue Oh, I couldn't possibly pick. There are so many good history authors out there.

9.- What's your biggest fear?
Bullet; Blue Mostly losing those close to me. Especially losing my parents before I ever get to meet them.

10.- Any siblings?
Bullet; Blue Mhmm. I have an older brother named Atian.

11.- Who's your hero?
Bullet; Blue Oh gosh, well, I think it's safe to say that I have more than one. I really look up to the other Loonatics a lot. They're so brave and really selfless (even Duck...sometimes).

12.- Okay, who's your worst enemy?
Bullet; Blue Well, I don't really hate people. So, I don't really have a personal worst enemy. But, as a superhero, anyone who is looking to disrupt the peace and try to overtake the world is definitely a threat that has to be take care of.

13.- What would you do if your hero and your enemy get together?
Bullet; Blue W-what do you mean by that? Like if they got together as like, a c-couple??? U-um, well, that would never happen in the first place! If it did happen it's most likely be under mind control! B-but say if Black Velvet or Weathervane or something did manage to charm one of the Loonatics, I-I'm sure we'd put a stop to it real quick. (//She's totally talking about Rev specifically)

14.- What would you do if you met your creator?
Bullet; Blue Maybe ask her why she decided to make me so fat. Y'know? Maybe it'd help boost my confidence if I knew why. B-but then again, I'd probably have to survive her hugs if I did meet her...

15.- What do you wanna be when you grow up?
Bullet; Blue You mean, if I wasn't a Loonatic? I dunno. I was only in high school when I became a superhero. I hadn't really thought about what I wanted to pursue. Maybe an author for history books or a history major in general. I mean, that's about all I'm good at.

16.- What's your worst nightmare?
Bullet; Blue You mean like nightmares I've had? W-well, only two are pretty recurring...The first is having,specific, die in my arms. The other is me losing control of my instincts and hurting the people I care about...

17.- What would you do if your dream came true?
Bullet; Blue D-dream? Oh..well, I'd be really happy if it did come true, that's for sure.

18.- Where's your favorite place to relax?
Bullet; Blue Anywhere that's quiet so I can curl up with a good book.

19.- What do you spend most of your time doing?
Oh, well, y'know...Usually I'm reading or hanging out with Lexi. Sometimes Rev or Lexi will help me learn to play a video game. I'm really good at Pokémon.

This took way to long! Mostly because, I thought I lost the entire draft, and then I found it in my So, this was supposed to be up weeks ago, but I just found it. Sorry...


Just call me Octy
United States
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